Light entrepreneurship invoicing service

Invoice without company

Light entrepreneurship

The amount of light entrepreneurs is rapidly growing. This form of entrepreneurship provides the possibility to operate as a real entrepreneur but without all the paperworks. It suits you if you want to give your business idea a try without setting up a company or if you are operating along side of a daily permanent job.

Invoicing service for light entrepreneurs


As an individual, you will be able to invoice easily and safely without your own company and you don't have to worry about the bureaucracy and obligations related to entrepreneurs.
Kassavirtanen takes care of everything so you can concentrate on the things that are important to you.


Did you know that a company can hire a light entrepreneur without any obligations? When you use Kassavirtanen's service, you can easily acquire additional labour, for example, on a seasonal basis or on a project-by-project basis. You can also acquire new labour without major financial risks. Hiring your first employee becomes a flexible measure for your company and employee alike.
Invoicing service for entrepreneurs

Any business

You can be a student, food courier,a consultant, a blogger, an IT support person, a lawn mower, an artist, a graphic artist…

Billing through Kassavirtanen provides expert services for your needs.

You pay the entire service with one invoice without any other obligations on the employer.

Ask more about the service agreement from our customer service!

Start light entrepreneurship

Starting is very easy, because you do not need to notify anything separately, you can just start by signing up for the service. Registration to the service is free of costs and do not bind the registered person to anything.