Kassavirtanen's Christmas Calendar is a lottery on Kassavirtanen's social media, which includes 24 amazing prizes. Prizes will be raffled according to the December 1st - 24th. Each day will be one or two winners, which means that there's a total of 24 winners or more. Check out the lottery rules from below. You can participate by logging in to Facebook or Instagram and going to the Kassavirtanen Business page: IG: @kassavirtanen or FB: @kassavirtanen.fi You will see every day's lottery and instructions from there. Good luck and Merry Christmas! BR: Kassavirtanen Oy


1. Organizer

Kassavirtanen Oy, Business-ID 2803711-2, website address: www.kassavirtanen.fi

2. Eligibility to participate

The Christmas Calendar lottery is open to anyone over the age of 18, with the exception of employees who have participated in the preparation of the competition or parts thereof and their family members. By participating in the lottery, participants agree to the lottery rules and the prize winner confirms that they meet the eligibility criteria set out in these rules.

3. Time

Lottery starts on 1st of December and ends on 25th of December. The winner of each lottery will be published always in the next morning and the next lottery will be published after that. From Monday to Friday, the winner will be published at 9:00am and on weekends and holidays at 12:00am. A new lottery will always be published after the winner of the previous lottery has been announced.

4. How to participate in the lottery

Our December 1st - December 24th there will be a daily gift among those who have participated to the Christmas calendar. There is a lottery every day on Facebook and Instagram accounts, and the lottery will be done randomly with the help of an application to select the one winner every day. There are two ways to participate in the Christmas Calendar lottery:

  1. Follow the instructions provided in the post on Facebook AND / OR
  2. on Kassavirtanen Instagram-account @Kassavirtanen.

Participation doesn't require any purchase or customer relationship.

5. Awards and Terms 

The prize is for 24 different products, services or experiences that are featured in daily posts. The value of a single prize is between 10-110 euros. The prize cannot be converted into cash or any other prize.

The winner will be selected daily through a lottery mobile application and the winner will be notified personally in the channel where the winner has participated. If the winner participated in both channels, the winner will be notified by private message only in one of the channels. The organizer of the lottery Kassavirtanen Oy will publish th name of the winner in the comments of the lottery in the name of honest and transparent lottery without the express consent of the winner of the lottery.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Christmas Calendar lottery.

If the winner can't be reached by private message within 24 hours, the Organizer has a right to choose a new winner.

6. Delivery

Prizes will be delivered either by e-mail or by post in Finland. Kassavirtanen Oy takes no responsibility for any delay in the delivery of packages due to reasons beyond the Organizer's control.

All participants in the lottery will release the Kassavirtanen and other lottery partners from any loss or damage caused by their participation in this promotion. The responsibility of the organizer of the lottery towards the participants shall not exceed the value or amount of the prizes mentioned in these rules. Organizers are not responsible for any IT issues or barriers to entering the lottery or receiving the prize.

7. Management and Responsibility

The Christmas Calendar lottery is not sponsored, recommended or managed by Facebook or Instagram. Participants in the lottery commit to release Facebook and Instagram from all responsibilities and claims relating to the lottery. In addition to the Lottery Rules, Kassavirtanen Oy and the participants agree to abide by the rules governing these services.

The organizer shall resolve any uncertainties regarding the Terms and Rules of this Christmas Calendar lottery and interpretation of the rules. If there is any reason to suspect that a participant in the lottery is fraudulent or to participate in any other way than described in the rules, Kassavirtanen has the right to reject the participation.

Kassavirtanen Oy reserves the right to change the rules.

8. Publicity and Marketing

The Kassavirtanen Oy is not collecting any participant register or marketing permits in connection with the lottery.

9. the Lottery tax

Kassavirtanen Oy will take care of and pay all necessary taxes according to the prizes.

8. More information