From light entrepreneur to entrepreneur?

Starting an entrepreneurship after light entrepreneurship is very easy

Invoice without company

Accounting firm Nordic C-Management

As a light entrepreneur, you pay a service fee for the amount you invoice, but if the Service Fee of 2% (Kassavirtanen) may seem too big when there is a lot of sales. At this point, you should consider moving to a full-time entrepreneur. Nordic C-Management is an accountancy firm that at this stage is a good partner for financial management. It offers all the comprehensive accounting services to your needs. You can only be a start-up company when an appointment with a future accountant can be relevant. Get tips and answers to a tax questions, and the easiest and safest start for entrepreneurship. 

The Accounting Office operates in Helsinki, Kuopio, Lohja, Tampere, Turku, Espoo and Tallinn.



Accounting Office Nordic C-Management is responsible for the bookkeeping and salary payments of Kassavirtanen. All the things that light entrepreneurs do are treated confidentially through that accountancy firm, so we can definitely recommend that you continue to use the same accounting firm for you!