Light entrepreneurship and food delivery – How to invoice?

Food couriers make money by transporting food from restaurants to customers’ doorsteps. The food courier can largely decide for himself when to work, which makes the work particularly flexible. It is a good option for students, for example, who want to do part-time work alongside their school according to their own schedule.

Most commonly, food couriers work through some platform company, operating according to their rules but still in an entrepreneurial way. Platform companies, like Wolt and Foodora, offer work gigs for food couriers, but the food couriers operate independently. The platform company also always decides the price of the work. Most of the food couriers are light entrepreneurs, as the work is often part-time and, as a light entrepreneur, the paperwork is left to the invoicing service.

How to invoice through Kassavirtanen as a food courier?


Evaluate all income and deductions you receive during the year and apply for a new tax card if necessary.

Send Kassavirtanen a tax card either through your own information or by letter / e-mail. Based on the tax card you provide, we will provide a withholding tax. We declare the remuneration we have paid and the withholding tax paid in the income register.


Invoicing companies generally do not charge earnings-related pension and unemployment insurance premiums, as pension insurance companies generally consider light entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurs. If the invoicing company does not charge them, you will have to take care of your earnings-related pension and unemployment insurance yourself if certain conditions are met.

Entrepreneur’s pension insurance (YEL) is compulsory for you, for example, if your annual income from a invoicing service company exceeds 8063,57 € € (in 2021) and you work for more than 4 consecutive months as an entrepreneur.

If you are unsure of your annual income limit, please contact Varma (


The platform you use always determines the price you charge. Kassavirtanen only acts as an intermediary, providing an invoice template and taking care of money transactions in both directions, and we are not aware of the pricing of platform services. So if you work for example at Wolt or Foodora, check the invoicing price with them and fill in the information in Kassavirtanen’s invoice template using the prices you received. You can also get other invoicing information, such as e-billing information, directly from Wolt or Foodora.


The salary is determined by the invoicing amount minus VAT (charged on either Wolt or Foodora within the invoice) and a service fee, which can be, for example, 3-5% of the VAT-free invoicing amount. At Kassavirtanen, the service fee is only 3%, which is the lowest service fee on the market for light entrepreneurs (including insurances). In addition, Kassavirtanen deducts from the VAT-free invoicing amount the statutory employer contributions related to the invoicing service, as well as the withholding tax. Kassavirtanen pays the remaining net amount to the food courier.


Once the receiver has paid the invoice you sent, the money will be transferred to our system, after which we will put your salary to be withdrawn. When your salary can be withdrawed, you will receive an email notification. You can find your salary by logging in to Kassavirtanen and going to the salaries tab. Depending on your bank connections, it may take 1-3 days from the time you withdraw your salary to transfer to your bank account.

If you have any further questions about getting started with Kassavirtanen do not hesitate contacting our customer service. Questions about invoicing amounts, cost of your work etc. you must ask from your platform company such as Wolt or Foodora.