Invoice without company

The cheapest 2% invoicing for light entrepreneurs

2% Service fee

Invoicing service

Invoice without company

Invoicing service for light entrepreneurs

Light Entrepreneur

Kassavirtanen offers you the cheapest service for invoicing. With the help of Kassavirtanen, you can collect your salary and operate as an independent entrepreneur, without any bureaucracy. Invoicing is easy, saves your time and does not commit you to anything.

  • Invoice without company
  • No risks or long term commitments
  • We take care of all bureaucracy

Invoicing service for entrepreneurs


Kassavirtanen invoicing service is also great for entrepreneurs who need workforce, because it offers you opportunity to hire seasonal or project-based workers easily without any bureaucracy.

  • Hire a worker easily
  • No risks or long term commitments
  • We take care of all bureaucracy


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The cheapest light entrepreneurship

We offer affordable solutions for making your light entrepreneurship even lighter.

You pay only 2% from the VAT-free amount of the invoice.

Sending the invoice, reminders and debt collection service is for free.

Get your salary on the same day

Want to collect your salary right away? You can get your salary faster than your client can pay you! The fee for the instant salary service is only 2,5% in addition to the basic service charge and in the best-case scenario, you will receive your salary to your account on the same day.

Get your salary

Collect your salary

Collect your salary without the concerns
caused by bureaucracy.
Invoicing service


Create invoices with our simple invoice template and send them to your clients.