1. Kassavirtanen.fi -service is provided by Kassavirtanen Oy (Business ID: 2803711-2, IP address: www.kassavirtanen.fi). In these terms, ”Kassavirtanen”, ”we” or ”us” refers to the Kassavirtanen Oy or an auxiliary name registered by Kassavirtanen Oy. A user of a service is a contractor who works for a client and agree on terms of work tasks andpricing independently.

  2. Kassavirtanen does not market or sell the work of the users of the service. Sales promotion and marketing measures must be individually agreed between the Kassavirtanen and the service user.

  3. The introduction of the service requires the creation of user account on kassavirtanen.fi page. Creating an account is free of costs and does not bind the user to anything. Kassavirtanen confirms the functionality of the ID to the service user with a separate notice: "Thank you for registering. You can now sign in to the service".

  4. Kassavirtanen is not liable in any way for the liability or obligations of its users for the performance of their work. In this context, responsibilities and obligations include errors, delays, or deficiencies that occur during or after the user's work performance. The user of the service must agree on the performance of the work independently with the client. If the user of the service refuses, is unable or otherwise unable to correct the fault he has caused, Kassavirtanen has the right to correct the erroneous work performance and recover the costs from the service user. The service user shall ensure that the principal and any other third parties are fully aware of our position and the division of responsibilities between the parties.

  5. The user of the service is insured by statutory insuranceswhen they are invoicing through Kassavirtanen. The insurance includes accident, legal and liability insurance. Our accident, legal and liability insurance covers themost common jobs of a light entrepreneur. The user is responsible for ensuring that the work he or she does is an activity covered by Kassavirtanen's accident, legal and/or liability insurance.

    Kassavirtanen offers insurances together with partner insurance company Fennia. The user of the service is responsible for paying the deductible for the insurance indemnity. Damage caused by unprofessional work is not covered by the insurance. If the professional sector in which the service user operates is supervised by the authorities, sufficient and correct certificates and documentation of the professional competence of the service user shall be provided to the Kassavirtanen.

  6. Kassavirtanen will ensure the privacy of the users of the service in accordance with the "Tietosuojalain (2018/1050)" and the "Sähköisen viestinnän tietosuojalain (516/2004)". The service user has no right to make purchases by invoice, credit, installment, or subcontracting on behalf of Kassavirtanen. Service user contracts must be made in the sense that Kassavirtanen is an administrative company and the user of the service is responsible for its contractual obligations. The business name of the administrative company must not be used for non-VAT purchases within or outside the EU.

  7. The service fee indicated on the website will be charged in connection with the payment. The service charge is progressive and dependent of the total billing of the service user. The service charge is a percentage and is calculated from the VAT-free price of the billing. There is no separate minimum price for the service charge.

    The Quick Pay service fee is 2.5%(+ 24% VAT), which is charged in addition to the normal service charge. Quick pay is bill-specific, and you need to choose a separate Quick Pay option from your billing form. The Quick Pay payment time depends on verification of the invoice. The Quick Pay user gets his salary to his bank account usually on the same day(depending on whether the customer has the same bank),if the invoice can be confirmed from the principal. In addition to this, the invoice must be confirmed and the principal of the invoice must not have any credit signs. The correctness of the Quick Pay will be confirmed directly from the principal if the user has not provided written confirmation of the invoice. Quick Pay invoices can be open only one at a time. The total amount of the invoice can not be more than 4000 euros.

  8. The service user must provide a tax card for payment of salaries to Kassavirtanen. The tax card must be delivered before the first payment. Signing a contract with a client is possible before submitting a tax card. If the tax card is not delivered before the first pay, we will use a withholding tax of 60%.

  9. Kassavirtanen pays the service user when the principals payment has arrived in the bank account of Kassavirtanen or by a separate agreement. The salary is paid when all the necessary information (receipts, travel expenses, information details etc.) has been duly submitted to Kassavirtanen.

    The service user's salary is determined on the basis of the VAT-free amount of invoicing. From the invoiced VAT-free amount will deducted the service fee, statutory employer costs, and personal deductible for the service user. The salaries and expenses payable under the mandate are agreed upon as well as one-off, including holiday compensation.

    In addition to salary payment, the user is provided with an electronic salary specification. The user also has the right to obtain a certificate of salary upon request. In addition, the user of the service does not need to make separate declarations or separate payments to other parties.

  10. The user of the service is obliged to comply the safety regulations. Work-related tax-free allowances and daily allowances are reimbursed against appropriate receipts. Expenses can be paid for commuting, (excluding travel between home and work) for using your own car and for work-related material costs.

    It is not possible for the user of the service to deduct the fixed asset purchases through Kassavirtanen, otherwise the accounting ownership will be transferred to us. Purchases such as those mentioned above must be deducted in the personal taxation of the service user. The user of the service is also responsible for ensuring that the reported tax-free expenses and other expenses are correct and not more than two months old (cost receipts must be submitted as originals at the latest upon payment). Kassavirtanen reserves the right not to accept cost receipts.

  11. The user of the service is obliged to agree on the performance and prices with the client. Kassavirtanen recommends the conclusion of a written contract of employment which indicates at least the minimum content of the work. The user must determine its total billing price so that the salary is not lower than that provided by the employment contract in force in the industry. Earnings must not be lower than the industry's minimum salary regulations, including the payment of tax-free allowances. Kassavirtanen reserves the right not to pay the salary if there is a violation of the above rules.

  12. In addition:

    The user of the service must comply with the legislation in force in Finland.

    The user of the service must comply with the occupational safety regulations and is obliged to familiarize himself / herself with the hazards and nuisances of future work and the related occupational safety measures before commencing work. The user of the service must ensure that he has the correct and up-to-date protective equipment necessary for the work. The service user is also responsible for the use of these tools.

    When supervising the profession by the authorities, the user of the service has to prove his / her qualifications with appropriate documents. If the work requires separate licenses, the service user is responsible for having the proper and up-to-date permissions to perform the work. Work permissions subject to authorization must be approved in advance with Kassavirtanen. If these terms are breached, the service user is not entitled to receive compensation through Kassavirtanen Oy's current liability insurance.

    The user of the service is personally responsible for the accuracy of all information provided by him. This applies, inter alia, to the information to be provided on the billing form and to the declaration of tax-free expenses and other expenses. Under no circumstances will Kassavirtanen provide a guarantee for the work performed by the Contractor, nor will it be liable for damages under the "Tuotevastuulain (649/1990)". For tax purposes as well as for accounting, the light entrepreneur is identified as an employee of Kassavirtanen Oy. However, in other respects, such as labor law, the legal status of the employee may differ. In the case of unemployment benefits, the light entrepreneur can be classified as an entrepreneur. For pension insurance, the employee is responsible for taking over the YEL insurance. Kassavirtanen allows you to take out YEL insurance through the service in cooperation with Varma Pension Insurance Company.