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Invoice without company




Collect the salary from the work that has been done and we charge our service fee directly from your client.

The more you bill per year, the cheaper your service fee is!

< 100 000 € - 4,0% -> NOW 2%
> 100 000 € - 3,5% -> NOW 2%
> 150 000 € - 3% -> NOW 2%

2% Service fee will be charged from the VAT_free amount of the invoice. The service charge doesn't include withholding tax.


Quick pay

Choose Quick Pay, when you want to get your salary earlier than your customer can pay!

*Quick Pay service fee is 2,5%, which is charged in addition to the normal service charge (2%).

After the confirmation of the invoice by your customer, the salary will be paid to you at the best on the same day.


Registration for our service is completely free and free of any obligations.

Using Kassavirtanen invoicing service, you pay only 2 % from the VAT-free amount of the invoice in connection of the salary payment.

Our 2% offer is valid until the end of 2019. After that, our service fee will change back to normal 3-4% service fee.

Additional Expenses

VAT: Consumption tax that is paid from the sales.
Commonly used VAT amount is 24 %.

The taxes paid in case of an employee are income tax and social security tax.

If the user sends an unnecessary invoice on purpose, Kassavirtanen will
collect the service fee 3-4% directly from the user.

Please do note that using Kassavirtanen allows
you to decide about the YEL payments yourself!


The usage of the Quick Pay salary-service is possible when you are invoicing companies, communities, municipality and states.
The Quick Pay is not applicable in case of billing private individuals.

The client must be financially stable and the invoice must be indisputable. It’s also possible to request approval for the invoice by e-mail or by phone.

The instant salaries can be collected and invoices related to them can be open only one at a time. The total amount of the invoice can not be more than 4000 euros.

If the invoice is bigger, the Quick Pay will be paid only from the 4000 euros. The rest is paid once the payment is received.

If we don't get the payment from your client, you have to return your salary in that same amount.

Reminders and debt collection

If your client forgets to pay the invoice you sent, no worries! We will send a reminder on your behalf. If the invoice is left unpaid also after the reminder, we will contact your client and clarify the ability and will to pay. If necessary we will take up the debt collection and go up to judicial debt collection through debt collection company.

This does not mean additional costs to the user of Kassavirtanen since the debt collection costs are paid by the one who receives the invoice.

Our reminder and debt collection services are efficient and aim for the payment of the invoice without causing unnecessary problems for your clients.

Any questions?

Our customer service is here to help you!