Kassavirtanen company

What kind of company is Kassavirtanen?

Kassavirtanen.fi increases employment with its service both in Finland and abroad. This is the core of our business for us, and we want to encourage everyone to work for their dreams as light entrepreneurs using their own skills safely and smoothly thanks to our easy invoicing template. Light entrepreneurship is a risk-free way to test the profitability of your own business without risk. In addition to this, we offer our customers a lot of support so that everyone can grow in their own area of expertise and, if they wish, also become an entrepreneur when the business is profitable enough.

Kassavirtanen Oy is a affiliated company and part of a larger corporate organization. Therefore, we are able to consider our service fees to be the cheapest in Finland and our operations still financially profitable. Our main area of expertise is financial management services, which we also offer to full-time entrepreneurs. We have strong expertise in this, and therefore we are able to handle the declarations of every light entrepreneur to the Income Register and the Tax Administration with solid professionalism. Our organization is not new, but we have been in the industry for about 10 years. We are able to offer light entrepreneurs services in consulting, accounting and tax issues. We provide reminder anddebt collection services in-house without outside actors. We take care of every invoice and their receivables from start to finish, taking both parties into account.

In addition to financial management experts, we have our own IT and marketing teams. We differ significantly from our competitors with our expertise.

Our customer service goes beyond

Responsible light entrepreneurship

Our customer service is the most important role of our service, for which we have always received a lot of praise from our customers. We therefore consider this to be one of the most important parts of our service, and we strive to continuously improve our service in this regard by keeping our customer service representatives up to date with changes, updates and actively training them. Our customer service staff conscientiously take care of every customer, and every problem is solved as quickly and professionally as possible.

Kassavirtanen Oy secures all its customers together with Fennia Mutual Insurance Company. With us, running a light business is safe and carefree. If necessary, we will provide you or your client with an insurance certificate to confirm the validity of the insurance. Read more about insurances.

We develop our service efficiently

The usability and ease of use of our service is important to us, which is why our IT experts are constantly working to improve our invoicing service every day. We listen to our customers and record every feedback on what our customers wish to change. Every feedback is reviewed in a weekly meeting and all shortcomings are addressed and a solution is found to make invoicing pleasant and easy for everyone through Kassavirtanen. We also regularly collect customer feedback from our customers and encourage them to provide feedback to gain more participants in the development and design of our service.

Our service has been developed to work on all devices and browsers to make the user experience ideal, regardless of the user.


We help light entrepreneurs grow

In addition to our customer-oriented service, we offer our customers everything they need to grow their operations. Through us you get for free for example:

  • Contract templates for your assignments Tööülesannete lepingumallid
    • With the assignment agreement you can:
      • Better meet customer expectations
      • Price your service more accurately
      • Protect your own work when your client is legally responsible
      • Give a professional impression to your customer, as you also stick to the contract for your part



We want to be the best possible employer

The satisfaction of our staff is directly reflected in the work performed. We want to take care of our employees and to attract skilled employees into our constantly growing company. We do not discriminate against any member of the work community, and we are all equal. We require every member of the work community to respect other people, our customers and our partners. We accept each employee as their own self. We want to encourage each other to perform better and better, and this is reflected in our daily activities as a good team spirit.

The health of employees is supported e.g. exercise and lunch vouchers and occupational health services. We also do trips a few times a year together to further increase our spirit of togetherness.

Our company has a low hierarchy, and we consider it important that everyone can influence change with their own participation and everyone’s opinion is listened to in order to guarantee the best possible decision-making outcome.

Despite the long history of our business organization, we are constantly learning and developing our working methods to keep up with the development of our service.


We always take care of the protection of our customers' privacy in confidence. We value the privacy and security of our customers, and we therefore regularly train our staff on the responsibilities and obligations of our company to ensure adequate data protection. We do not disclose customer information to third parties, and only to the authorities if necessary. If information about the customer is available in paper form, for example on an invoice, it will only be displayed for the necessary time, after which it will be destroyed in the manner of a sensitive document. No customer information is left visible, but only stored in a closed folder behind locks if necessary.

We always secure our kassavirtanen.fi website with an https connection. The connection improves the security of the users of the site. We also offer our customers access to secure passwords by allowing the use of special characters and defining criteria for creating passwords.

Environmental responsibility

In our day-to-day actions, we strive to take the environment into account by concentrating all possible activities in digital form, and to avoid unnecessary printing of documents. All machinery and equipment will be utilized throughout their life cycle and, if necessary, refurbished for reuse or non-repairable equipment will be directed to authorized treatment facilities for electrical and electronic waste (SER) so that it can be utilized.

Financial responsibility

Kassavirtanen's net sales consist of the work invoiced by our users, and part of this, about 2%, remains for us as a capital gain. We direct this part to our company operating in Finland and to the salaries of our Finnish employees. We also invest part of the result in developments and equipment purchases that lead to an increase in the result. We account for our customers' VAT and our own VAT to the Finnish state and the development of our society.