About Kassavirtanen.fi service

How much does the start and use of the service cost?
  • Registration is completely free of charge. You only pay a 3% service fee when withdrawing your salary, of the total amount of the invoice (incl. VAT).
Can I start using service without commitments?
  • With us, you only agree to comply with the terms of use. There are no separate notice periods or costs related to user account maintenance.
Can I work in several different fields?
  • You can work in as many fields as you want! The most important thing is to find out before invoicing with which VAT each industry should be invoiced.
Can I invoice through Kassavirtanen, even if I am entrepreneur or if I have my own business ID?
  • This is not possible through Kassavirtanen, as this can interfere with companies' tax returns from the taxpayer's point of view. Our service is only aimed at individuals who invoice without their own business ID.
Can I instruct my workers to invoice through Kassavirtanen for the work they have performed for us?
  • Yes! This requires that the work done by the worker is considered as having acted as an independent worker, and not in a position comparable to an employment relationship.
Can I get Valtti card through you?
  • Yes, this requires that the invoicing takes place through us and that you are self-employed through us. You can order the Valtti card via the My information tab. The Valtti card price is 44.89eur (incl. VAT).
How does the invoicing happen in practice?
  • Invoicing is made simple. You can create your own customers on the Customers tab or fill in your customers information one invoice at a time. In addition, information about the work performed is added to the invoices, as well as other information requested by the system.
How fast will the invoice be forwarded?
  • The invoice is issued when the invoice is sent. There may be a delay with online invoices. After sending the invoice, you will always receive a confirmation of this by e-mail.
When can I charge without VAT?
  • Value added tax should always be included in invoices as a matter of principle, as invoicing is done with our company's business ID. VAT reliefs only apply to companies and business owners with an annual income of less than 15,000eur.
What to do if my customer is on a construction industry and the invoice should be covered by the reverse VAT?
  • When you are creating an invoice, choose the option ”I offer construction services (VAT 0%)” and also update VAT % to 0. After that, the invoice will contain a sentence: "On section Arvonlisäverolaki 8 c § provides that the purchaser of a construction service is subject to VAT."
My invoice is incorrect. How can I create a refund invoice?
  • The refund invoice cancels the original invoice from us and from your client. You can create a refund invoice in the invoice line by pressing the round arrow icon. Please note that the total amount of the refund invoice must be the same as the original invoice, as partial refunds do not work in our system.
How and at what stage are reimbursements added to the invoice?
  • Reimbursements can only be added to the invoice when your customer has committed to pay them. If not, then they should be reported as part of personal taxation.
  • Expense reimbursements are created on the Expenses and reimbursements tab, after which they are attached to the invoice, which must be saved as a draft on the Invoices tab. Please note that only expenses and compensations attached to invoices via the tab can be paid to you.
What can I deduct in taxes?
  • Tax-deductible expenses include YEL insurance premiums and other reimbursements that have not been invoiced from your customer.
Can I invoice my customer with cash, a payment terminal or MobilePay?
  • Unfortunately, this is not possible. Invoicing through us is done only by invoice.
Can I also invoice abroad through Kassavirtanen?
  • Yes, and in that case the VAT is 0% for companies, but always 24% for individuals. The most important thing is to always include the VAT number of the company in question instead of the Finnish business ID on invoices.
About Quick pay
  • The client's confirmation for Quick pay is always required, in an email sent from us.
  • Limit of Quick pay is max. 4000eur per small entrepreneur/company.
  • Quick pay conditions:
    1. Tarkistamme yrityksen maksutapaindeksin, luottoluokituksen ja mahdolliset maksuhäiriömerkinnät.
    2. Ei erääntyneitä rahoitettuja laskuja. 
How quickly I can receive my Quick Pay salary?
  • The Quick pay confirmation request goes to your client at the same time you send the invoice yourself. Our customer service processes Quick pay payments during opening hours, on a first-come, first-served basis. If Quick pay cannot be granted, our customer service will be in touch with you.
How do I know if my customer has already paid the invoice?
  • The status of the invoice will turn into "Paid" when the payment has been registered in our system and the salary is ready to be raised.
When will my salary be paid?
  • When the invoice is shown as paid, the salary can be withdrawn in the Salaries tab. If there is a Quick pay on the invoice, you will receive an e-mail notification of the salary that can be withdrawn when the invoice has been funded. When the salary has been withdrawn, it goes into payment in the next salary run and then the status of the salary changes to "bank processing".
  • Attention! Transactions are always recorded on invoices with a one-day delay. In addition, delays can be caused by weekends and public holidays.
Why haven't I received my salary yet?
  • The performance has not yet been registered on the invoice (Note: one-day delay).
  • Your customer has not yet paid the invoice. (Note! Many schedule the payment until the due date of the invoice).
  • The invoice has been paid with incorrect information.
  • The reference number has gone to the message recipient field (common with foreign companies).
Why my salary is less than the amount I invoiced?
  • A light entrepreneur's salary always consists of the tax-free part of the bill. When raising the salary, our service fee (3%) + industry-specific value-added tax is always deducted. The additional payment for Quick pay is 2.5% + VAT, i.e. a total of 6.1%.
How do I deliver a tax card, and which tax card do I need to have?
  • Our system always collects the tax card information electronically directly from the tax office, once the personal information has been filled in and saved in the system. It is only possible to update the data of the salary tax card in our service, because we pay all your remuneration as salary.
When will my tax card information be updated?
  • When the change has been made in OmaVero, the new information can be updated in the system the next day at the latest. The information on the new year's tax cards is updated automatically, if the light entrepreneur has not created a change tax card before this.
Is my client eligible for the household expenses tax credit?
  • Yes. In connection with this, the tax authority must be notified of the business ID, and in this case it's Kassavirtanen business ID, which is also used for invoicing. Read more Vero.fi.
Can I operate as a light entrepreneur even if I am unemployed?
  • Yes. This may lead to you being asked to clarify the matter, but you can get a service certificate for this by asking our customer service.
  • Light entrepreneurship is an easy way to invoice without a major commitment or even to try out an already existing business idea. Read more: Te-palvelut.fi.
Do I need any obligatory insurance?
  • Our service fee includes legal, liability and accident insurance, so you don't need to get these elsewhere. Please note that some of the works are subject to a permit, and it is not possible to invoice these works through us.
What does the accident insurance cover?
  • Accident insurance shall pay compensation in the event of an accident, in accordance with the terms, insurance and amounts applicable at the time of the work performed through the service.
  • If you are working in a profession which requires separate insurance by law, the accidental insurance provided by Kassavirtanen does not apply.
  • Accident insurance is available only for persons who officially reside in Finland and belong to the Finnish social security system.
What does the liability insurance cover?
  • Liability Insurance covers damages up to 1 000 000 euros in accordance with the terms of the insurance. The deductible of the insured for the damages is 1 200 euros. Liability insurance doesn't replace activities that require separate insurance cover in accordance with the accidents at work and occupational diseases act.
  • Liability insurance is available only for persons who officially reside in Finland and belong to the Finnish social security system.
I had a work accident or damaged the client's property, what should I do?
  • In this case, you should contact our customer service. We only need information about what has happened and your email address, and we will send you the insurance information and additional instructions for making a claim report.
How much the liability and accident insurances cost?
  • The insurance costs nothing, as all Kassavirtanen's light entrepreneurs are automatically insured with assignments.
Do I need any other additional insurances?
  • Please contact your insurance provider to find out insurances from our partner insurance company Fennia customer service. Remember to inform that you are working through Kassavirtanen as a light entrepreneur.
Do I accumulate pension?
  • The users of Kassavirtanen should be paying YEL insurance to accumulate pension. This means that the users are themselves responsible for getting and paying the insurance, so the user does not automatically accumulate pension as working through Kassavirtanen.
What is YEL?
  • YEL means pension insurance of an entrepreneur. If your income exceeds 9010,28 Euro starting from 1.1.2024 within the next 12 months, you are 18-70 years old, you don't get old-age pension according to the employment pension acts, and you send your invoices regularly through Kassavirtanen, you have to take YEL-insurance. When you sign in to Kassavirtanen service, you can find a YEL section under your personal information. There you can decide how do you want to handle your YEL payments.
Do I pay for health insurance?
  • Yes, if you are liable for YEL insurance and have selected the option "I pay for YEL insurance myself" from your own information. Read more: Vero.fi
YEL insurance through the occupational pension company Elo
  • Kassavirtanen users have the option of obtaining YEL insurance through our partner pension company Elo. If you are interested in YEL insurance, please contact customer service. Kassavirtanen will forward your request to Elo on your behalf.

Arvonlisävero – Usein kysytyt kysymykset

Miksi laskulle tulee sisällyttää alv, vaikka en ole alv-rekisterissä?

Laskuttaessanne Kassavirtasen kautta, tulee laskuille aina sisällyttää alv toimialan mukaisesti, koska laskutatte meidän y-tunnuksellamme ja me olemme alv-velvollisia. Verotuksen näkökulmasta kevytyrittäjien laskutus on Kassavirtasen myyntiä.

Mitä tarkoittaa ”tuotteen/palvelun hinta sisältää alv:n”?

Tällä tarkoitetaan sitä, että mikäli palkkanne on 20eur, sisältää tämä summa myös arvonlisäveron, jolloin myös palkkanne osuus on pienempi, koska arvonlisävero vähenee 20 eurosta.

Laskutan oman työni lisäksi arvonlisäveron, miten laskutan tämän?

Tällöin ei tule merkitä kohtaa ”tuotteen/palvelun hinta sisältää alv:n”, vaan ilmoitatte kpl/h hinnaksi oman palkkanne, jolloin järjestelmä laskee alv:n sen lisäksi.

Mistä tiedän palkkani osuuden, kun alv vähenee palkannoston yhteydessä laskulta?

Laskua luodessanne näette aina laskurivien alapuolella kohdat ”yhteensä” ja ”yhteensä (veroton)”. Yhteensä summa on laskun verollinen summa, joka toimeksiantajanne maksaa. Verottomana summana puolestaan näkyy teidän palkanlaskennan aloitussumma.

Vuosituloni jäävät alle 15 000eur, pitääkö alv silti olla laskulla?

Kyllä, koska laskutus tapahtuu Kassavirtasen y-tunnuksella ja me olemme alv-velvollisia. ALV huojennukset koskevat vain toiminimiyrittäjiä ja yrityksiä, joilla on oma y-tunnus. Mikäli teillä on oma y-tunnus, ette ole oikeutettuja käyttämään laskutuspalvelua, jonka kautta laskutetaan palvelun y-tunnuksella.