1. Organizer

Kassavirtanen Oy, Business-ID 2803711-2, website address:

2. Eligibility to participate

The lottery is open to all registered users who invoice throught Kassavirtanen during April with the exception of employees who have participated in the preparation of the competition or parts thereof and their family members. By participating in the lottery, participants agree to the lottery rules and the winner confirms that he or she fullfills the eligibility criteria set out in these rules.

3. Time

All who invoice during April are included in the lottery. The invoicing time begins on 01.04.2020 at 8:00 and ends on 30.04.2020 at 23:59. Created invoices are automatically included in the lottery. 

4. How to participate in the lottery

The lottery is running at invoicing service. To be involved in the lottery you need to sign up for a free and create a valid invoice through the service during April. All new and old customers are included in the lottery, meaning that you are automatically involve into the lottery by invoicing. We will pick the winner randomly from the created invoices. From there we can see the winner.

Participation requires registration to the service (if you are a new user), invoicing through the service and the winner of the draw must be over 18 years old.

5. Awards and Terms 

The prize is a 200 euros gift card for the K-Group. The gift card can be used at K-Citymarket, K-Supermarkets, K-Markets, Neste K-stations, K-Rauta, Intersport, Budget Sport and Kookenkä shops. The prize is worth 200 euros. The prize cannot be converted into cash or other prize. The winner of the lottery can use the gift card at any K-Group store of their choice. The gift card is valid for two years.

The winner will be selected through a lottery mobile application and the winner will be notified personally by email. The organizer of the lottery Kassavirtanen Oy will publish the name of the winner also on the newsletter in the name of honest and transparent lottery without the express consent of the winner of the lottery.

For the sake of responsibility, the winner must be at least 18 years old. However, we do not specifically limit the use of the service to persons under 18 years of age.

If the winner can't be reached by email within 48h, the Organizer is entitled to draw a new winner.

6. Delivery

Prizes will be delivered by post in Finland. Kassavirtanen Oy takes no responsibility for any delay in the delivery of packages due to reasons beyond the Organizer's control.

All participants in the lottery will release the Kassavirtanen from any loss or damage caused by their participation in this promotion. The responsibility of the organizer of the lottery towards the participants shall not exceed the value or amount of the prizes mentioned in these rules. Organize is not responsible for any IT issues or barriers to entering the lottery or receiving the prize.

7. Management and Responsibility

The lottery is not sponsored, recommended or managed by Facebook or Instagram. Participants in the lottery commit to release Facebook and Instagram from all responsibilities and claims relating to the lottery. In addition to the Lottery Rules, Kassavirtanen Oy and the participants agree to abide by the rules governing these services.

These rules and decisions made by the Organizer are binding on all participants. By participating in this lottery, participants agree to abide by these rules. The organizer shall resolve any uncertainties regarding the application and interpretation of the rules. If there is any reason to suspect that a participant in the lottery is fraudulent or not participating in any other way than described in the rules, the Organizer has the right to reject the entry.

Kassavirtanen Oy reserves the right to change the rules.

8. Publicity and Marketing

The organizer does not collect a separate participant register in connection with the lottery, the winner will be selected from the created invoices list, where we can also find the winners contact information details. We do not collect separate marketing authorizations from participants.

9. the Lottery tax

Kassavirtanen Oy will take care of and pay all necessary taxes according to the prizes.

8. More information