The cheapest invoicing for students



A person working as a light entrepreneur often works for several different clients, which he invoices according to the agreed price after the work. A light entrepreneur uses a invoicing service for his invoicing, which takes care of the bureaucracy on the part of the job. For students, light entrepreneurship is one convenient way to earn extra income in addition to their studies and to utilize their own skills in the work done for the right clients.

As a light entrepreneur, the student is able to do business without having to worry about administration, so that the time left over from learning can be used purely to carry out his / her main activities. For students, light entrepreneurship means the freedom to decide on their own working hours and volumes, which makes it easier to reconcile study and work schedules as desired.  


However, there are some limitations to being a light entrepreneur, such as not being able to resell products. The products they buy are therefore not for sale, but if they are made by themselves, it is possible to sell them as a light entrepreneur. Most commonly, however, those working as a light entrepreneur sell some service.

So as a student, it’s a good idea to consider if you have any know-how that someone would be willing to pay for. However, through entrepreneurial activities, there is also a responsibility to acquire customers themselves and to be responsible for working conditions. The pricing and content planning of the product / service must also be taken care of before starting the operation.

If a student raises a study grant for himself or herself, the income received as a self-employed person has the same income limits as for other paid work. The limits must be taken care of carefully, as Kela receives income information from the taxpayer afterwards, in which case when the income limits are exceeded, there may be an invoice for refundable study grants.