The cheapest invoicing service for food couriers

Light entrepreneurship as a food courier


As a food courier, you make money by transporting food from restaurants to customers door. As a food courier, you decide when you work, which makes this job particularly flexible. It is a perfect option for students, for example, who want to make money alongside their school schedule.


As a food courier, you also decide how much work you do, giving you the freedom to determine your salary. However, it should be noted that there may be occasional competition for broadcast gigs. You can move from one place to another with the vehicle of your choice, which you must arrange yourself including the insurance. Biking is an easy and inexpensive option, especially in summer time.

food courier


A food courier works either as an entrepreneur or as a light entrepreneur and is powered by an application such as Wolt or Foodora. Food courier does not work for the company itself, but as an entrepreneur with the application as a work platform. Through the application, you will, among other things, accept work gigs and monitor your cash flow. This type of application based work is called platform economy and is practiced by, for example, Wolt, Foodora, Airbnb and Uber.

Many food couriers operate as light entrepreneurs, which means that they let their billing service handle their billing. This way they get to work in an entrepreneurial way, but pass on all the paperwork. Food couriers who bill through Kassavirtanen earn more than the others, with the service fee being the cheapest on the market!