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  • How much does the start and use of the service cost?

    Starting is for free, you will pay for the services only if you collect your salary; 2% of the VAT-free sum of the salary.

  • Can I start using service without commitments?

    Yes, you can start using our service without commitments or monthly payments. The user of the service commit to follow Kassavirtanen's terms of use.

  • Can I work in multiple fields?

    Yes, as many as you wish!

  • Can I invoice you as a light entrepreneur even if I am an entrepreneur?

    Yes, even if you are an entrepreneur, you can invoice via Kassavirtanen. In this case, we only need your personal tax card for that.

    If you are an entrepreneur and you want to hire an employee, the employee can also use our invoicing service for that. This allows you to get workforce quickly and without any commitments.

  • Can I get a Valtticard through you?

    If necessary, you can get the Valtti card through us, which costs 41,17e to order (we do not charge any additional costs for this). If you need the Valtti card, please notify our customer service and include the following information:

    • Clear face image
    • Your whole name
    • Tax number (can be found on the tax card)
    • Note! The tax number must be entered in the public tax number register.

    We will send the Valtti card to you as soon as we have received the necessary information and payment from the invoice.

  • How does the invoicing happen in practice?

    Invoicing is easy, thanks to our easy invoicing template. The client's information is entered into the template and the invoice sender's information is supplemented. The template gives you clear instructions and by following them the billing process will be easy and fast !

  • How fast will the invoice be forwarded?

    The invoice will be sent to your customer as soon as you approve the invoice to be sent on Kassavirtanen website. As a biller, you will always receive a copy of your invoice in your email. Invoices with a quick pay option are checked within our customer service hours. A separate confirmation request will always be sent on the invoice to the email you have specified. After the confirmation, your quick pay salary can be cashed out.

  • What to do if my customer is on a construction industry and the invoice should be covered by the reverse VAT?

    When you are creating an invoice, choose the option ”I offer construction services (VAT 0%)” and also update VAT % to 0. After that, the invoice will contain a sentence: "On section Arvonlisäverolaki 8 c § provides that the purchaser of a construction service is subject to VAT."

  • My invoice is incorrect. How can I create a refund invoice?

    Refund invoice is a minus marked invoice. You can undo a faulty invoice with a refund invoice.

    You can create a refund invoice by opening the faulty invoice bt pressing ”copy invoice” buttons. After that the invoice information will open up for you to edit them.

    After this you add a minus mark (-) in front of the price of the job. The final sum must be the same as the sum of the faulty invoice. After this you can accept the invoice. 

    These invoices should now cancel each other out. Remember to inform the customer service about this faulty invoice by sending an email to asiakaspalvelu@kassavirtanen.fi letting them know the invoice number of the faulty invoice and a request to discard the invoice.

  • How and when will I add costs and reimbursements to my invoice?

    You can add expenses and allowances in two different ways:

    1. If you want your customer to pay your expenses in addition to the cost of the work, you must add the expenses when creating the invoice as part of the invoice from the “Add expenses and allowances to invoice” button. You must do this before sending the invoice. Once the expenses have been added, they will appear at the bottom of the “Invoices” page as a separate billing line.
    1. If you do not want expenses to be paid by your customer on top of the price of your work, but instead want it to be a separated part of tax-free income of your salary, you must first send an invoice WITHOUT expenses. Then go to the “Expenses and allowances” page and include the expense invoice you created as part of the invoice already submitted. This way, the expense will appear in your payroll as a tax-free portion.
  • How are the costs reimbursed?

    The costs associated with the invoice are deducted before the payroll is calculated so no tax or insurances is paid. Documents of costs must also be provided. Missing document may extend your payroll processing time.

    NB! You may be reimbursed for your supplies, materials and travel expenses in your personal tax return. For expenses not specified on your invoice, you can apply for a deduction for earning income..

  • What costs can I deduct from taxation?

    When you are using Kassavirtanen, you can deduct all income-related expenses for tax purposes. These costs include: 2% service fee, YEL and health insurance contribution, travel and insurance charges. You can deduct costs from your personal tax return by filling out a form on deductions for your earnings and include it in your tax return.

  • Can I charge my customer in cash?

    Unfortunately we do not accept cash payments.

  • Can I invoice foreign companies?

    Yes you can. When invoicing a foreign company VAT is always 0 % since these companies are not part of the Finnish taxing system. Also remember to mention the VAT number of the foreign compnay in the invoice you are sending.

  • When will my salary be paid?

    Your salary will be paid to your account after payments arrive to our system, unless your salary is specifically selected for a quick pay. We will notify the user when the payment has arrived and the salary is ready to be cashed out. Wages move like normal bank transfers, with inter-bank transfer times and office hours affecting pay. Payments usually take 2-4 business days to appear in your account after the customer has paid the invoice.

  • How will I submit the tax card and what tax card should I use?

    Use a tax card you have received from the Tax Administration. You can use same tax card in many places at the same time. You can deliver your tax card to Kassavirtanen the way you want. You can send us your tax card easily electronically through the form or send that by a post or e-mail. A copy of your tax card is sufficient for us.

  • Can I get household expenses tax credit?

    You are entitled to a tax credit for household expenses if you are working in your home or in your holiday home. Such work includes example cleaning, nursing and care or decorating and renovations. The tax credit for household expenses is granted only on the part of the expenses relating to work not on travel expenses or supplies.
    Read more on Vero.fi.
    Read more on Vero.fi.

  • Can I operate as a light entrepreneur even if I am unemployed?

    Starting from 1 January 2020, Kela and unemployment funds will no longer monitor the activity of the unemployed and will not reduce the unemployment benefit. Read more from Kela's website.

    • Do I need any obligatory insurance?

      You do not need separate insurance when operating through Kassavirtanen. However, you can choose a voluntary insurance on your own information. Kassavirtanen offers the option for accident and liability insurance. accident and liability insurance.

    • What does the optional insurance cover?

      Accident insurance shall pay compensation in the event of an accident, in accordance with the terms, insurance and amounts applicable at the time of the work performed through the service.

      If you are working in a profession which requires separate insurance by law, the accidental insurance provided by Kassavirtanen does not apply.

    • What does the liability insurance cover?

      Liability Insurance covers damages up to 1 000 000 euros in accordance with the terms of the insurance. The deductible of the insured for the damages is 1 200 euros. Liability insurance doesn't replace activities that require separate insurance cover in accordance with the accidents at work and occupational diseases act.

    • How much the liability and accident insurances cost?

      Accident insurance includes also the liability insurance and the total cost is 1,5%. You can purchase the insurance yourself from your own information in your account settings.

    • Do I need any other additional insurances?

      Please contact your insurance provider to find out vakuutukset yhteistyökumppanimme insurance company Fennia customer service. Remember to inform that you are working through Kassavirtanen as a light entrepreneur.

    • Do I accumulate pension?

      The users of Kassavirtanen should be paying YEL insurance to accumulate pension. This means that the users are themselves responsible for getting and paying the insurance, so the user does not automatically accumulate pension as working through Kassavirtanen.

    • What is YEL?

      YEL means pension insurance of an entrepreneur. If your income exceeds 7958,99 euros starting from 01.01.2020 within the next 12 months, you are 18-67 years old and you don't get old-age pension and you send your invoices constantly throgth Kassavirtanen, you have to take YEL-insurance. We offer YEL insurances in cooperation with the entrepreneur's eläkevakuutusyhtiö Varman When you log in to the service, you will find a YEL section in your own information, where you can decide how you want to take care of your YEL payments!

    • Do I pay for health insurance?

      Health insurance contribution (1,34%) is mandatory if the light entrepreneur is estimating the minimum of YEL-limit. If the income is less than YEL-limit (7 645,23€), no health insurance contributions will be charged from the light entrepreneur.

      Read more: Vero.fi

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