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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does the start and use of the service cost?

  • Starting is for free, you will pay for the services only if you collect your salary; 2% of the VAT-free sum of the salary.

  • Can I start using service without commitments?

  • There is no any commitment. Users of the Service undertake to comply with the terms and conditions of Kassavirtanen.

  • Can I work in multiple fields?

  • Yes, as many as you wish !

  • Can I invoice you as a light entrepreneur even if I am an entrepreneur?

  • Yes, even if you are an entrepreneur, you can invoice via Kassavirtanen. In this case, we only need your personal tax card for that.

    If you are an entrepreneur and you want to hire an employee, the employee can also use our invoicing service for that. This allows you to get workforce quickly and without any commitments.

  • How does the invoicing happen in practice?

  • Invoicing is easy, thanks to our easy invoicing template. The client's information is entered into the template and the invoice sender's information is supplemented. The template gives you clear instructions and by following them the billing process will be easy and fast !

  • How fast will the invoice be forwarded?

  • Kassavirtanen will check the information of the invoice before sending it. Also for this reason it is recommended to create the invoices as carefully as possible so that the checking process will not delay the billing process!

  • What to do if my customer is on a construction industry and the invoice should be covered by the reverse VAT?

  • When you are creating an invoice, choose the option ”I offer building services (VAT 0%)” and also update VAT % to 0. After that, the invoice will contain a sentence: "On section Arvonlisäverolaki 8 c § provides that the purchaser of a construction service is subject to VAT."

  • When will my salary be paid?

    Your salary will be paid upon receipt of your payment via your Kassavirtanen account, unless your salary is selected as a Quick Pay. We notify the user when the payment has been received and the salary can be collected.

  • Will the possible additional costs be compensated to me?

    The additional costs will be compensated on the basis of appropriate proof. So if you want that the additional cost will be paid to you in addition to the salary, please submit the proof to Kassavirtanen's payroll department. This can be done easily by sending receipts either by email or directly to the service!

  • How will I submit the tax card and what tax card should I use?

    Use a tax card you have received from the Tax Administration. You can use same tax card in many places at the same time. You can deliver your tax card to Kassavirtanen the way you want. You can send us your tax card easily electronically through the form or send that by a post or e-mail. A copy of your tax card is sufficient for us.

  • Can I get household expenses tax credit?

    You are entitled to a tax credit for household expenses if you are working in your home or in your holiday home. Such work includes example cleaning, nursing and care or decorating and renovations. The tax credit for household expenses is granted only on the part of the expenses relating to work not on travel expenses or supplies.
    Read more on Vero.fi.

  • Can I work as a light entrepreneur without losing my unemployment benefit?

    If you’re unemployed, you can still earn a salary of EUR 241,04 per month without losing your unemployment benefits. The salary you earn from this amount will be applied to the daily allowance paid by Kela.
    Read more on Kela.fi or call their customer service to get more information.

    • Do I need any obligatory insurance?


Et tarvite erillisiä vakuutuksia toimiessasi Kassavirtasen kautta. Voit kuitenkin valita vapaaehtoisen vakuutuksen omista tiedoista. Kassavirtanen tarjoaa mahdollisuuden tapaturma- ja vastuuvakuutuksiin.

    • What does the optional insurance cover?


Tapaturmavakuutus maksaa korvaukset tapaturman sattuessa voimassa olleiden vakuutusehtojen, -turvien ja -määrien mukaisesti, kun tapaturma on tapahtunut palvelun kautta tehdyssä työssä.

If you are working in a profession which requires separate insurance by law, the accidental insurance provided by Kassavirtanen does not apply.

    • What does the liability insurance cover?


Vastuuvakuutus korvaa aiheutuneet vahingot 1 000 000 euroon saakka vakuutusehtojen mukaisesti. Vakuutettavalle jää maksettavaksi aiheutuneista vahingoista omavastuu 1 000 euroa. Vastuuvakuutus ei korvaa sellaista toimintaa, joka vaatii erillistä työtapaturma- ja ammattitautilain mukaista vakuutusturvaa.

    • How much the liability and accident insurances cost?


Accident insurance includes also the liability insurance and the total cost is 1,5%. You can purchase the insurance yourself from your own information in your account settings.

    • Do I need any other additional insurances?


Please contact your insurance provider to find out what kind of insurances you will need. Remember to inform that you are working through Kassavirtanen as a light entrepreneur.

    • Do I accumulate pension?


The users of Kassavirtanen should be paying YEL insurance to accumulate pension. This means that the users are themselves responsible for getting and paying the insurance, so the user does not automatically accumulate pension as working through Kassavirtanen.

    • What is YEL?


YEL means pension insurance of an entrepreneur. If your income exceeds 7799,37 euros starting from 1.1.2019 within the next 12 months, you are 18-67 years old , you don't receive old-age pension according to the employment pension acts and you send your invoices constantly through Kassavirtanen, you have to take YEL-insurance. When you sign in to the service, you can find a YEL section under your personal information where you can decide how do you want to handle the YEL payments !

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